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Patty Poth - being placed on heart monitor

Theo - in ICU (father of Niki Bruce's coworker)

Isaac Miller - newborn transferred to Akron's NICU (son of Justin & Katie Miller)

Brianna (friend of Alexa K) - heart & kidney failure (15 yrs old)

Corbin - bloodwork change & strep - back in Nationwide

Roger Osborne (& family) - brain cancer

Brent Bruce - irregularities in heart stress test

Mabel Graman - cancer (friend of Don Estep)

Marvin Smedley - surgery recovery

*Bob Benfer - brain cancer (intense, daily treatments)

*Jeremy Ratliff - physical

Bruce McClellan - upcoming surgery (3/12)

Carol McClellan - physical (continued prayers)

Brad Gentille (Pastor Shelby First Baptist) - cancer

Gabe O’Dell - rare, aggressive cancer (young man)

Billie Jean Stiteler - anxiety/pain (Ontario Estates)

Bob & Connie Geissman - physical

*Mildred Wright - cancer treatments

*Sherry Vanderpool Jr - continued prayers of healing


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