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Carol Wood - breast cancer

Shirley Evans - very sick (Mansfield Hospital)

Family of Jim Stuckman (Alexa Kamenik's grandpa) - passed away

Brent Bruce - physical

George & Avanell Savage - physical

Kim Collins - cancer

Paula Miller - physical

Christa Storch - brain cancer

Neva Rodriguez (Carla Oney's mom) - physical

Laura Craig - physical

Ken McFarland - cancer & blood infection

Roger Osborne (& family) - brain cancer

Mabel Graman - cancer (friend of Don Estep)

*Bob Benfer - brain cancer (continued prayer)

Carol McClellan - physical

Gabe O’Dell - finished chemo/possible radiation next

*Mildred Wright - cancer treatments

*Sherry Vanderpool Jr - continued prayers of healing


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