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Family of Steve Brown (friend of Chuck Gerber) - passed away

Wesley (Kelvin Walters' cousin) - chainsaw accident

Bernie (Bauman's friend) - surgery recovery/therapy

Karl Stein - physical

Chris Verburg - heart attack (serious condition)

Sue Shell - physical

Rhonda Fought - physical

Chuck Flood - physical

Tim Vanderpool - cancer

Lee Chronister - physical

Amy Isaac - physical (in Willows)

Randy Warren (Heather Priest's brother) - cancer/chemo

Kyle Baker (Scott's son) - physical

Frank Ousley - physical

Avanell Savage - physical

Oral Oney - physical/spiritual

Kenny (Patty Fackler's brother) - physical

Marty Ray Sauder - cancer

Carol McClellan - physical

Larry Estep - bone cancer

Pete Estep - physical

Karen Krichbaum - cancer

Linda Walton - physical/cancer

Connie (Avanell's sister) - breast cancer

Mildred Wright - chemo/physical

Melody - cancer

Greg Dyer - cancer

Jim Will (Lucy McPeek's dad) - physical

Jacque Farmer (Sandy Gerber's niece) - breast cancer / chemo

Phillip Smith - brain cancer (stable)

Judy Ream - cancer

Paula Brown (Amy Miller's sister) - cancer

John Dye - cancer

Sherry Vanderpool Jr. - physical

Lisa Lacy - cancer

Kevin Howell - cancer

Our service men & women, government, those in mission field


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